With Lanes going across United States and Canada!!

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We take the freight off your shoulders!

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Welcome to Fusion Logistics

Fusion Logistics Networks Inc is a Third Party Logistics Freight Broker Carrier Service, shipping between Canada and the USA, including Overseas.

When you have a shipment, your customers rely on you to get it to their door, safely and on time. 

Fully licensed with thirteen years experience.

Our reputation and resourcefulness is unparalleled in the industry and allows us the ability to offer you value-added services at competitive prices. 

Fusion Logistics Networks is the only link you need to contact in a long and sometimes, cumbersome supply chain.

No matter how complicated your transportation logistics seem to be, we’ll solve them with ingenuity and enthusiasm, complete with a friendly attitude and peace of mind. 

At Fusion Logistics Networks, we take the freight off your shoulders.


  • Logistics
  • Warehouse & Distribution
  • Transportation (Over the road)
  • Transportation (Land, Air, Rail, Maritime)


Fusion Logistics Networks is a logistics company devoted to moving and delivering your freight by the most reliable, swift, and cost-efficient means necessary.

Warehouse & Distribution

When your load is in waiting or just weary of the road, Fusion Logistics will find a secure and economical space for storage.


(Over the road)


(Land, Air, Rail, Maritime)

Why Fusion ?

Why Choose Fusion Logistics?

At Fusion Logistics Networks, we operate under the values for which business originally began: helping people. Of course, other benefits include:

We are a third-party logistics company

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